How a Fitness Consultant Can Help You Take Ownership of Your Business

Sean Toy
Finally after weeks, months, or maybe even years of hard work and planning, you’ve launched your fitness business. But it’s not going as smoothly as anticipated. Even if your past ventures have been successful, the new challenges of running a fitness business are getting out of hand. You want this to work, but where do you turn for help? You need someone who understands the industry's nuances, has been there before, and can help give you a fresh perspective.

Engaging a fitness consultant is a smart move for any gym or training studio owner that needs some direction and guidance to take ownership of their business. If elevating your club’s development and changing its trajectory are your end game, then a fitness consultant will help you assemble the right team, get proper strategies and producers in place, and show you how to remain adaptable in a volatile world. 

Assemble the Right Team

Having the right people in your corner is non-negotiable. They’re the ones that you trust your business with when you’re not around so you have to make sure that their values align with both the internal and external culture you’re trying to establish. But you can’t expect them to care about your business as much as you do without incentive. Treat your team well and don’t just be a boss. Be a leader. Offer mentorship programs and recognize key players when you see they’ve gone above and beyond.

“If you treat your employees with the same love and respect you give to your clientele your business will flourish” — Sean Toy, Co-Founder, President & CEO

Cultivating a strong internal culture will strengthen the external culture that you're nurturing with your clientele. Have you ever walked into a venue, whether it’s a retail shop or restaurant, and felt a palpable tension amongst the team? It no longer matters that their inventory is top-tier or their menu is inventive. Their reputation is now based on what an uncomfortable atmosphere their establishment creates for their patrons.

Now imagine the opposite. A potential member walks into your club and feels an overwhelming sense of community. Your team is polished, knowledgeable, and their genuine rapport is evident. Even if they don’t sign-up that day, that person leaves having witnessed everything that your club stands for. The more that happens, the more your business will speak for itself.

Develop Strategies and Procedures

Ironing out the nitty-gritty details of your business’s inner workings is just as important as curating optimal support staff. What exactly are the ‘nitty-gritty details’? Behind-the-scenes things like marketing and sales strategies, software, and health and safety measures. As someone who has grown their own business, a fitness consultant will help you select which strategies to focus on, which to pass up, what procedures you need to have in place, and best practices for your business to thrive.

Marketing and Sales

It doesn’t matter how many leads you have if they’re all garbage. Leads make the perfect case for quality over quantity. Hone in on high-quality leads and how you and your team execute on them.

Management Software

High-performance management software improves automation and allows you to take a more passive role in your business because ultimately, you want the back end of your business to be hands-off.

Health and Safety

COVID put health and safety measures in the limelight, but any fitness studio worth its salt should enforce them regardless. Compliance protects you, your members, and your employees. 

Fitness consultants are invaluable in these situations for individuals who are great at working with the public but may lack a level of business acumen or confidence. Recognizing your strengths and delegating your weaknesses is a mark of a mindful leader.

Remain Adaptable 

If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that adaptability is key to survival. Working with a fitness consultant already shows you’re adaptable. You identify problems and immediately seek out solutions. You don’t keep jamming the circle into the square. The pandemic served as a great lesson for many. No in-person classes? Check out our online series. Limited capacity? Small group training is now available.

Learning to be adaptable also comes with a degree of empathy. For example, if sales are down within your typical demographic but you’re noticing an uptick in students in the area that are consistently priced out of most facilities, consider offering student packages. Your membership rate increases and you help an underserved part of your local community.

If you’ve been looking for a sign, this is it.

Pick your business up and dust it off with help from one of our experienced fitness consultants. Get in touch with the Levo team to learn more.