How to Find the Best Personal Trainer for Me

Sean Toy
The ‘right’ personal trainer will be different for everyone, so we’ve compiled a list of key factors for you to consider. This will make it easier to decide what, and who, is ‘right’ for you.

What to Consider When Trying to Find the Best Personal Trainer

Finding the right personal trainer can be ‘make or break’ when it comes to achieving your fitness goals. You may feel intimidated or unsure of where to start but don’t get discouraged, you’re not alone! The ‘right’ personal trainer will be different for everyone, so we’ve compiled a list of key factors for you to consider. This will make it easier to decide what, and who, is ‘right’ for you. 

Fitness Level 

Personal trainers are well-versed in working with a range of bodies and fitness levels, though some personal trainers may specialize or have extensive experience working with specific groups, such as seniors or those requiring rehabilitation. Regardless, it’s important to know where you’re at on your fitness journey to get the most out of your training. 

If you’ve never set foot in a gym, nor even considered doing a squat, it’s safe to say you’re a beginner. But for the off-and-on gym-goer, physical abilities may not be so obvious. So, how do you measure your fitness level? 

Using a combination of assessments called ‘benchmark workouts’ — measuring things like strength, flexibility, speed, and endurance — will give you the best results and make it clear where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Knowing where you started also makes it a lot easier to see how far you’ve come. 

If you don’t feel comfortable conducting a self-assessment, no worries! Our personal trainers at Levo are happy to help set you off on the right track. 

Workout Goals 

Part of finding the right personal trainer is knowing what you want to get out of your sessions.

Whether you’re looking to improve your general health, regain fitness levels of your youth, or reduce that BMI, it doesn’t matter what your goals are, it just matters that you have them. And remember, goals don’t have to be linear.

The right personal trainer will set you up for success — whether that means easing in with small baby steps once a week or pushing you to the max with a five-workout per week program. Setting goals with your personal trainer will undoubtedly be one of the biggest contributors to your success.


Where you work out matters. Levo’s state-of-the-art training facility — the Levo Lab located in Needham — is an environment where training programs range from speed to strength and anything in between. While we recommend taking full advantage of the Levo Lab and working out on-site with our experienced personal trainers, we also know that may not always be possible.

At-home routines can be highly effective…as long as they’re curated by a personal trainer who knows your needs. Levo personal trainers will create a routine according to your location limitations, which may look like a weekly visit to the Levo Lab for a check-in and in-person training session, then keeping up with your regimen at home. At the end of the day, your personal trainer is on your team and will set you up for success.   


Our personal trainers prioritize safe fitness practices. Their understanding of the body’s movement and functions help to reduce the risk of injuries and ensure proper recovery post-workout. 

But if you have been injured, or undergone surgery, the reality is your body needs a bit of TLC. Personal trainers at Levo each have their own areas of expertise when it comes to the body: from knee, hip, and shoulder dysfunction, to spinal injuries and muscular diseases. Our collective belief is that safe training is paramount, so having a personal trainer who understands and works within your limitations is non-negotiable. 


Everyone is busy. And being busy will always be a top-tier excuse to avoid doing, well… nearly anything. But if you’re serious about prioritizing your health and wellness, you need to commit. Does that mean you need to be in the gym seven days a week and twice on Sundays? No. 

Be realistic. As long as you’re honest with your personal trainer about how much time you have available, they can create a workout regimen that you can stick to. Some trainers may try to push your boundaries in an attempt to motivate you to take your training to the next level. That may work for some, but not for everyone, which is a great example of why it’s important to find the right personal trainer for you. 

Group Size

While the name implies ‘one-on-one’, many personal trainers offer small group training in addition to private training sessions. For some clients starting out, working out in a group can be extremely motivating; but for others, it can be a completely debilitating source of anxiety. 

Taking control of your health and wellness should be an empowering experience, so whatever situation you feel most comfortable with is the kind of training you should look for. A dedicated, trusted personal trainer is a powerful source of motivation and guidance and whether you want to take advantage of that solo or feed off the energy of a group, is totally up to you. 

Trainers’ Training

All of the above have been dedicated to self-reflection, but one of the most important things about finding the best personal trainer has nothing to do with you at all. It’s all about your trainer. 

Making sure your personal trainer is qualified and experienced is imperative. Practice doesn’t make perfect; perfect practice does. Training at Levo means that your health and wellness guidance is being delivered by world-class personal trainers who have mastered both the art and the science behind peak human performance. 

All of our personal trainers have a minimum of five years' experience and are focused on putting you in the best possible position to embark on your personal fitness journey. But we don’t just train clients — Levo’s Master Trainer Cory McCue also trains, educates, and mentors dieticians and other personal trainers in an effort to elevate the standard within the training community. 

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